This is where it all began for me – my love of classic movies. As a one year old (I’m told) I watched The Wizard of Oz repeatedly. Ever since I can remember, I’ve looked to the classics for inspiration whether it be the fashion, the characters, or the artists themselves.

When I became a teenager I wanted to know more about how these films were made. I remember looking at Herb Bridges’ book, Gone with the Wind: The Definitive Illustrated History of the Book, the Movie, and the Legend, over and over – poring over the behind-the-scenes photos and savoring all the special features on films that I could get my hands on. Not much has changed since then. I’m still doing those things, and my fascination continues to grow as I learn more about these films and the people who made them.

Join me on my movie loving adventures! Along the way I’ll recommend books from my collection, chat about must-see movies, and travel to locations linked with Old Hollywood, bringing the people and places vividly to life.

Classic film fans, I hope that this will be a place where we can feel at home, where we can come together to discuss, celebrate, and appreciate the often underrated, but oh so wonderful world of classic movies. 

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